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Structural Integration - Session 1 ('Rolfing')

Body Diagnostics, Alignment, & Fascial Patterning

This is an introduction to the principles of Structural Integration (aka 'Rolfing'), and the 1st session of the Rolf 10-Series.  This course is the pre-requisite for 'Structural Integration 10-Series'. 

In this course, participants will study the principles underlying the Structural Integration 10-Series.  This information will be used to better understand body alignment, and the underlying fascial (specialized connective tissue) patterning.  This then becomes the base for learning and applying hands-on manipulation techniques to release tissue restriction and to introduce better alignment.

Students can expect to:

  • Build observation / analytical skills
  • Develop hands-on skill sets
  • Explore fascial bodywork
  • Learn a complete introductory sequence 

Group interaction, hands-on application of concepts, and significant mentoring are key elements of this course.

The study of observation and alignment technique is considered to be 50% of this work and is directly applicable across movement and bodywork disciplines.

Successful completion of this course is a base for providing structural bodywork.  Usage of 'Structural Integration' or 'Rolfing' to describe your work is allowed only after successful completion of the full training in Structural Integration.

Earlier Event: July 29
Alignment & Bodywork