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Structural Integration (‘Rolfing’)

Body Diagnostics, Alignment, & Fascial Patterning

This is a 5-day introduction to the principles of Structural Integration (aka 'Rolfing'), and the 1st session of the Rolf 10-Series.  (This course is the pre-requisite for 'Structural Integration 10-Series'.)

It is suitable for anyone who works with the body professionally, or those with a movement or fitness practice who would like a better understanding of the relationship between structure and movement.

Focus is first placed on developing your skills in observation and analysis of alignment in body's at rest and in movement.  We then work with fascial (specialized connective tissue) release techniques and sensitivity to fascial layering.  This will culminate with the application of these skills to deliver the 1st session of the Rolf 10-Series. 

Students can expect to develop skills in:

  • Observation / analysis
  • Alignment
  • Fascial bodywork
  • Injury resolution

Group interaction, hands-on application of concepts, and significant mentoring are key elements of this course.

The study of observation and alignment technique is considered to be 50% of this work and is directly applicable across movement and bodywork disciplines.

Successful completion of this course is a base for providing structural bodywork.  Usage of 'Structural Integration' or 'Rolfing' to describe your work is allowed only after successful completion of the full training in Structural Integration.

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