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Certification in Structural Integration (‘Rolfing’)

Structural Integration (aka 'Rolfing') 10-Series 

This is a 5-week Certification course for Structural Integration.  This will include theoretical and practical review of the principles, goals, and sequencing underlying Structural Integration.  The course will provide you the opportunity to demonstrate and fine-tune skills in:

  • Sessions 1 - 10 sequencing
  • Session goals and techniques
  • Observation & assessment skills
  • Fascial-release approach / techniques 

The course will also provide a deeper opportunity to pursue questions and approaches which arise in a clinical setting.  Pre-requisites for this course include:  

  • Completion of ‘Structural Integration (‘Rolfing’) - Ida Rolf’s 10-Series’
  • Practical experience (completion of 10+ full Series with models)
  • Anatomy & physiology study
  • 10-Series by a Certified practitioner

Successful completion of this course will signify proficiency in Structural Integration theory and application.  Assuming all pre-requisites have been fulfilled satisfactorily and there are no undue circumstances, this course will result in authorization to practice Structural Integration by this school.