School of Structural Bodywork

Our vision:

The School of Structural Bodywork's wish is to see more bodyworkers introducing greater physical integrity and ease into more people's lives.

Our strategy:

The School of Structural Bodywork's intent is to offer a curricula aimed at the development of highly skilled and effective bodyworkers. Initial offerings will be based upon the principles ofStructural Integration (aka 'Rolfing').

The School intends to attract seasoned and dedicated practitioners to its offerings by delivering a robust, accredited and quality curriculum taught in exotic locations.

The plan:

Current efforts are focused on the production and delivery of tiered courses to introduce, build and hone the skills necessary to become effective in Structural Integration.

Existing curricula (e.g. functional anatomy, bodywork fundamentals, fascial bodywork) has been effectively delivered in several countries. The most recent introduction, 'Structural Bodywork Intensive - A Fascial Perspective', is to be delivered in Bali, Indonesia early in 2015.

The School of Structural Bodywork has received accreditation for courses in Structural Bodywork with the US National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) in 2015.  This certification provides for the receipt of ongoing education credits by course participants, effectively expanding the audience of interested attendee's.

Upcoming Structural Bodywork Courses